Monday, April 04, 2011

4th April 2011 Rain between Showers!

It was overcast to begin with, but we had to go out for some shopping anyway, and as we drove the weather got worse and worse!
Here is the view out of my side window, at least it gave me a chance to try the manual focussing arrangement on the FZ100, without which the following two images would have been even less clear!
And this is the view out of the passenger window, the daffodils make an interesting abstract pattern.
At least one of us was happy with the weather, Garfield is always delighted when we spend more time in his company!
Finally we did get a brief minute or two of sunshine, so I took this shot from the gateway from our campsite to the lakeside path. Here we are looking across Derwentwater to the Lodore Hotel
Ah well, perhaps the weather will be better tomorow?

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