Friday, April 08, 2011

Thursday 7th April 2011 Blea Tarn and Coniston Water

A lovely morning, we stopped by Thirlmere for our morning coffee and got into conversation with a family from Thailand who were on their first visit to the Lake District
I took their phtographs for them using their own camera, and they invited us  to visit them in Thailand (December being the month where we would like the weather best)
On then through Ambleside to little Langdale, this is the village at the entrance to the valley
Surrounded by the fells, it is a beautiful valley, though there are few places where you can stop to take a photo!
The valley flattens out towards the end before the steep pass to Blea tarn

The pass was for once empty so it was fun sweeping round the haipin bends and steep gradients before parking in the National Trust Car park opposite the Tarn
We parked a little further along on the Hillside and ate our sandwiches, always a pleasure tohave a great view to eat them by!
We had originally intended to ascend Wrynose Pass, then take a left turn down the Duddon Valley, but I remembered seeing a "Road Closed" sign there the previous time we came over Hard Knott Pass from the West, so we decided instead to have a tour around Coniston Lake
Then back via Ambleside home for an afternoon Nap.
After tea I went for a stroll along the Lake shore, noting how much the water level had risen and flooded some areas
Yet another Great day!

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