Sunday, April 03, 2011

Saturday 2nd April Tarn Hows

Heavy rain overnight and a necessary trip to the supermarket  for supplies, and sandwiches for lunch in the cafe, by which time the sky had cleared and the sun come out, then down the side of Ullswater where this hillside farm caught my eye
We climbed Kirkstone Pass the took a right turn down the steep hill aptly names "The Struggle" for Ambleside.
This is the view down onto Ambleside from halfway down.
Then on to Tarn Howes through scenic back roads and lanes, and into the National Trust Car Park for an ice cream before the short walk to the Tarn, here is Patty on the right of the picture, snapping away.
I took several shots to combine into a panorame when we get back home, as single images don't really do justice to the place.
An exquisitely beautiful place, hard to believe it is man made from a swamp! we had a stroll along the edge of the lake and apart from ducks, this finch was the only bird we saw, possibly because of it being so early in the year.
Returning via the same narrow roads I stopped to photograph one of the many little lakes too small to appear on maps, this one is typical
Then back to Ambleside and for  a change a drive to Keswick via the western side of Thirlmere where this picture was taken.

We had no sooner got back to the van when to our pleasure and surprise, Keith arrived to share a couple of hours with us, so we had a very pleasant chat, and enjoyed the Rhubarb tarts he had brought for us to share! it was very good of him to take all that trouble!

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