Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday 15th April 2011 Castleton for lunch and Runswick Bay

One of the nice things about camping near Whitby is that you are right in among very nice scenery, within two miles of our campsite  we dropped down the steep hill into Littlebeck on our way to Castleton for our Friday lunch with friends.
The villages claim to fame is that it is built on the steepest hill in Yorkshire (1 in 3) and it has hairpin bends and narrow roads too!
After enjoying a splendid lunch with our friends we decided to visit Runswick Bay, another village built on a hill, with only a short section of road leading into the village proper, and narrow pedestrian passageways after that. This was an opprtunity to try out the new camera phone!
I was surprised to see how many flowers there were, like these growing out of a stone wall
Spring must have come very early here!
Wherever there is a little space, there are little rockery gardens as here

A little further along you enter the maze of alleyways, then find yourself in open spaces where you can get a view uphill of the sprawl of the cottages
And flowers everwhere, including some lovely tulips.
And some nice colour variations too!
This is the old lifeboat station, the big boat is gone but its good to see there is still the small inshore rescue dinghy.

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