Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saturday 9th April 2011 Haweswater again and the hottest day so far

Isn't it nice to wake to sunshine? the only drawback is that we knew the roads would be very much busier with the weekend traffic, so decided that a visit to Grasmere to pick up some gingerbread for presents would be a good idea, then to Amleside and north via the struggle, and the shore of ullswater to Haweswater, arriving there in time to eat our packing up with this view
We were running low on fuel, so ran up to Penrith to fill up, then across to Keswick to do some shopping for present and have an ice cream at Luccinis. The town was heaving with the traffic and number of visitors, just like the height of summer!
 Pat was feeling tired by now, so back to camp where it was warm enough to sit outside and read.
I went for a walk by the lakeside where there were quite a few people enjoying their hobbies.
The temperature was over 20C so you can't blame them!
Between the path and our campsite at the top of the hill is this colourful boggy area, with some strange things growing there!

Fungi abound on the old rotten trees, like these on a stump
And there are lots of trees gradually collapsing back into the landscape, some making strange shapes as here
And at the end of my walk we come to a seat where I like to spend a little time staring into the distance and just dreaming, at the end of a lovely day.

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