Friday, April 01, 2011

1st April 2011 And wild and windy weather

After a very wet and windy night the weather forecast rather optimistically suggested sunny intervals after lunch,at least this gave me the opportunity to drag out the Epson printer and do a handful of scenic postcards to send to friends and family
We cooked lunch hoping for a change in the weather, but the rain and wind persisted into the afternoon. Eventually we decided to go out anyway and after doing a little shopping in Keswick, headed out towards the coast, as the weather usually clears first there, with clouds having a tendency to pile up against the mountains and take ages to clear.
Silloth was our chosen target (not least because of the bakery there) and the amazing and unique sea defences
Since Ropers Bakery was open we just had to call in for a cake each, here's mine!
Its good to see that the same bricklayer is applying the toffee flavour coating as last year!
And the Choux pastry was delicious as ever.
We had taken sandwiches with us for tea and drove on to Maryport inner harbour to have them, it is a working harbour filled with fishing boats
Things gave changed in this harbour since last year, as there were several historic ships moored on the landward side of the harbour, and these have disappeared .
Although we didn't get any sunshine, at least it was dry on the coast, and from there we could see that the mountains were wreathed in cloud.
When we got back to site the sky started to clear just before dark!! isn't that typical?

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