Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday 14th April 2011 Whitby for four days

After some problems with the electrics between the car and  caravan we eventually got away and reached out campsite just after lunch, selecting a pitch likely to remain  longer in the sunlight: and easy task as the site was quiet.
Pat wanted some shopping and I wanted a black seen pin plug for the caravan lead so we went down into a surprisingly busy Whitby town centre.
Pat went to the Co-op supermarket and I went in search of a new plug, eventually obtaining one at the ships chandlers on the Marina, at least it gave me the opportunity to take some photos
And there was plenty to point my new camera phone at too!

I also tried out the Monochrome option on the built in camera

Having successfuly obtained what we came for we returned to camp for tea, after which I went for a short bike ride and then a walk, there was a lot of spring growth
And there were some relics left over from last summer like these Galls
I was pleased with the performance of the new phone and its camera, its a HTC Wildfire by the way.

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