Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sunday 6th September: Scarborough

It was a cold, clear night, and I got up and took some photographs of the full moon, with unexpected results: this one seems to be reversed compared to the ones I took earlier in the evening, I have searched the internet and so far been unable to come up with an answer.
This image got me into bother as when I compared it to one taken by a friend I was promted to say "There' s something wrong with your image!"

And typical of fate, it had to be the case that mine was the wrong 'un!

It was humble pie time!
we were rather late getting going in the morning, but Pat decided she would like to visit Scarborough, so off we went, had lunch first in Sainsburys, and parked in the underground car park near the Spa.
Here's the view as you come out of the car park

We had a walk along the front and were surprised how busy it was this late in the season.

The usual attractions were going strong, such as dokey rides.

There was plenty to see, apart from the great human Zoo, the usual Sand Sculptor was at work and as usual he was collecting for Charity, this time the lifeboat.
And this chap had a castle all to himself

Because of the full moon it was an exceptionally low tide.It looked as if you could walk into the harbour mouth
But then the "Regal Lady" went inside the harbour and reversed out again!

It was open day at the Lifeboat station, and I went on board the boat and had a look round. we bought a raffle ticket and a notebook, then continued onto the harbour.
By this time we were ready to come back and noticed hordes of motorcyclists coming in along the sea front, they caused quite a bit of traffic chaos as they all decided to park where they shouldn't.
considering they are all elderly and not teenagers, this behaviour is hard to understand!

There is a large parking area for motorcycles at the end of the Marine Drive, they just wanted to park mid length on the sea front in a long row, partially obstructing the road. while they were doing so they caused a couple of mile long tailback coming down the ravine to the seafront
Before long we were back at the quieter end of the bay, here is a shot looking along the beach in the direction of the spa and Oliver's Mount

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