Wednesday, September 16, 2009

16th September: A cool day and Cloudy

Once again the weather wasn't as good as forecast, we set off inland and took the higher roads to Danby Beacon where we had our usual morning cuppa and I took some scenic shots though the light was poor.
There was plenty of autum colour in the brackenAnd the beginings of Autumn tinges in this distant view of Fryup DaleAnd in this looking down the footpath further along the road
And up at Danby Beacon they have replaced the old metal brazier framework with this Sculpture on a metal column

We then went to Saltburn to have lunch in the "Signals Bistro" and then out of curiosity Drove further into Saltburn than we have before, and found a place we hadn't heard of."Saltburn Valley Gardens" which turned out to be a wooded ravine with walks and gardens reminiscent of those above the Spa in Scarborough. There was a very nice Italian Garden near the bottom of the ravine,
This is the first sight of it through the trees,
And once down to the gardens, they are very picturesque

with some rather exotic plants, As well as some of the more familiar ones.

for a few minutes even the sun came out, and it was a regular sun trap!
We continued along the wooded ravine and eventually ended up back at the top of the hill close to where we had parked the car.
All in all it was very pleasant.
Hopes of going out again later in the day came to nought as the clouds and light rain returned.
But by then we had had a good day out,so we weren't too bothered.

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