Saturday, September 19, 2009

19th September 2009: Scarborough Italian Gardens

sunny for a change, we set off for Scarborough and parked on the Esplanade for a walk down to the Italian Gardens, they are in better colour now than they have been all year, and looking good. There are still some lovely red flowers that we couldn't put a name to
We were approached by a very friendly squirrel, but sadly had nothing to give to her, still there were plenty of beach nuts all around and she soon started tucking into them.
We carried on to the Rose Gardens, they are no looking so good at this time of year, a bit sparse to be truthful.
The tide was well out and I took several shots of the bay before we rejoined the esplanade and walked along in the direction of the Grand Hotel.
Down in the Spa there was a jazz festival taking place and the music drifted up to us in snatches as we walked along, and behind us we could hear the roar of motorcycle engines on Oliver's Mount, no doubt a race or hill climb event.
We wanted to have lunch at Mcdonalds but the traffic into Scarborough was solid, so we went out on the Filey road and doubled back through Eastfield, a very sensible thing to do!
After lunch we had a leisurely ride back to the van via Forge Valley, not yet in full autumn colour, then the coast road to Whitby, where we bought an Apple Strudle at the Lidl store and baked it in the caravan to have after tea.
I did some experiments with high Dynamic Range photos on site and discovered that the problems with multiple exposure HDR's are that things that move in the breeze give real problems with "Ghosting" I leave you to guess which is which!

And concluded that since you can achieve the same result by converting a single RAW file to give higher and lower Exposure Values for conversion to HDR, for landscapes at least HDR from a single RAW is the way to go!

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