Friday, September 11, 2009

11th September 2009: Castleton for lunch!

A hazy sky and a heavy dew to start the day. We drove to Guisbrough to do some shopping, then across to Great Ayton and behind Roseberry Topping where we stopped to have our morning cuppa.
This area was one that I am unfamiliar with, so we had a tour round for an hour or so before heading to Castleton to the Tea room for lunch. The Autumn is a Little slow getting into it's stride, though there are plenty of wildflowers that have set seed
There are some great views from the hilltopsWe arrived in good time for lunch, here's a view of Castleton

It was great to see the other pensioners who gather there each Friday, and we had a nice meal, as always, before driving back via
Fryup Dale and Rosedale, this is the view from the memorial cross looking down into the northern end of Rosedale.Egton Bridge, and Sleights.
It was very hot during the afternoon, and though I did intend to go for a walk, we fell asleep instead!

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