Tuesday, September 08, 2009

8th September 2009: Nunnington Hall

A windy night again, and it has remained very windy indeed during the day, but at least it has been very warm the temperature this afternoon reached 24 Degrees C!
We took a leisurely ride through Littlebeck and the moors road to Pickering en route to the National Trust property "Dunnington Hall" with connections with both the civil war and the Jacobean rebellion

the house itself is a real gem with an exhibition of cartoon cat paintings by a Victorian artist, and an amazing collection of miniature rooms that are so detailed that even the locks on the doors work, and musical instruments like a viola that's 2 inches long can be played.
we had lunch in the tearoom, which as usual with the National Trust, was expensive, but very good!
but it was the garden that fascinated us most.
Though not very large it held some really lovely flowers, and of course we took a few photos!
Nice to see that there are still some flowers and summer insects around even though the autumn colour is making itself felt
Among the flower were these beauties which are usually only seen when dried, but the look much better as nature intended them to be seen

There was a rather fetching pink version too
And even a grape vine which had just begun to show some autumn colour

In the wilder areas of the garden were some fine teasels
And lots of large rose hips adding colour.
And an orchard with many varieties of apple trees, these looked especially toothsome!
All in all we had a great day out!

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