Monday, September 07, 2009

Monday 7th September 2009: an inland tour

It was a wild and windy night, followed by a very welcome sunny morning,so a gentle tour around the dales seemed to be a good idea.
We drove down the very steep and winding hill past the home made sign saying "caravanners! don't believe your Satellite navigation and go down here!"
Wise advice as it has one of the steepest and twistiest 1 in 3 hills with hairpin bends in the country, and it's narrow too!
we sauntered inland to stop for our cuppa in warm sunshine at Beggars bridge, then on into Glaisdale, where I took many pictures and here are just a couple.I have been trying a new "Pictorial" treatment for these images, and, typically I have decided that I don't really like it after all, it's just too garish, so back to the usual approach tomorrow!

there were some early signs of autumn, one tree had such glorious red apples i just had to stop and take a photo.And a little further along was a tree covered in large berries that we couldn't identify
By this time it was getting on for lunch time and since we were in the area the "Castelford Tea rooms" beckoned, as did one of their delicious breakfasts
I stopped to take the view looking North just outseide the village.
From here we drove through Westerdale,west as far as Roseberry Topping and took this hot of the summit. I have been using the long 55 to 200mm Zoom for landscapes today as the area is one of extensive sweeps of open country, without the foreground features that really make a wide angle shot.
Next port of call was Guisborough were we did some esential food shopping, then it was a run along the "top of the moors" road and drop down into Whitby and back to the caravan

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