Thursday, September 10, 2009

10th September 2009: Runswick Bay and Skinningrove

No wind, and a sunny start to the day, so north along the coast road through Sandsend to Runswick Bay where there is a car park at the bottom of the cliff, which makes it a lot easier for Pat!
After our morning cuppa on the seats among the rocks I took a series of images to make this panoramic, then went for a walk along the beach before going into the village itself with Pat.
We were pleasantly surprised with how there were lots of flowers still in bloom, and also butterflies flitting around.
After our walk we continued to Saltburn to have lunch in the Station Bistro which is cheap and good too, then on the way back stopped down on the front car park at Skinningrove, our old favourite.
there is a "monument" to the fishermen of the village, its an old fishing coble with two wooden figures inside.

and behind it you can see the pigeon lofts and allotment that were at one time so big a part in village life.As we crossed the bridge over the stream we heard a strange noise overhead, and this character flew over us.
Over the top of the hill heading south there is a super view down onto Staithes and the coast road.And by now we were ready to return to the van for a rest.

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