Tuesday, September 15, 2009

15th September; home for the mail, et.c.,

We woke to a Sea Fret, so decided that we would make the trip home today, I took this shot looking towards the coast not far from the Flask Inn
and once away from the coast we ran into better weather, to the point where by the time we got home it was sunny and 18 degrees!
We shopped at Morrison's and had lunch there, or rather I nearly did as it was inedible: supposedly Beef in ale with dumplings it had virtually no Beef in it, and had been left standing so long that the dumplings had turned into a liquid mush, Aaargh!
Any way we had a pleasant run back, I was on the lookout for Autumnal shots and was attracted tothese colourful leaves and seeds

We came back via a different route, through Sledmere and I took this shot on the West Heslerton moor roadIts a HDR shot, and out of interest I then tried the "Fuji Velvia" plugin on my Serif X3 editor

Then a little further along the ame road took this shot which has been processed as a HDR too!
Here for comparison is a straight conversion from RAW

When we reached the coast road it was to find the fog still present, so our plan of going down into Whitby after tea was abandoned and we settled down to a quiet evening in.

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