Thursday, September 17, 2009

17th September: Whitby and two walks

Dawn came up bright and sunny, so we went down into Whitby for a walk around the old town, parking on the old customs wharf.
There's always an interesting tangle of nets and floats to photograph!AS well as a multitude of small craft
As we crossed the swing bridge we could see that dredging was taking place quite close by.
Whitby was quite busy and we enjoyed looking on the old shops.and walking along the narrow streets.
There was a large party of schoolchildren marching along the beach below in bright yellow safety jackets, whether to make them easier to locate,or warn people they were coming we couldn't say!
The old Lifeboat passed with a cargo of holiday makers as it now has a career as a pleasure boat, and we watched the antic of one of the inshore fishing trawlers as he tried repeatedly to broach the sand bar at the harbour mouth and get to the open sea.
He must have made a dozen attempts, and we had gone for lunch before I assume he made it!
We had a very pleasant luch in Elizabeth Bothams cafe and made our way back to the car park and then to camp.
Pat rested during the afternoon and I went for two walks, first down to Falling Foss waterfall, There was an interesting old stone bridge over the stream, and a man and child to give the scene scale.
then I drove down to the end of the lane at Ravenscar and walked the steep steps down to the beach to get a shot of robin hoods Bay from there.
It was sunny into the evening, so another rather shorter walk off the site filled that time!
A good day!

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