Saturday, September 05, 2009

Saturday 5th September: off to Whitby area for two weeks

We got away after a struggle, it is the weekend of the annual Caravan show at cottingham and it seemed that a gazillion cars were heading for the show and getting in our way!
We got to site about 1 ish ,and had a lazy afternoon, then dropped into Whitby to shop, have a walk along the harbour, and fish and chips in our usual place opposite the Co-op near the main car park,and very good it was, too!
The first picture is looking across from the empty berth that usually houses the square rigger "Grand Turk" it is at sea this weekend as the "Tall Ships" are all congregating at Hull for a race

the second image is looking to the right across the river, where there are several in shore trawlers drying their nets
The town is bisected by an old swing bridge, which plays havoc with through traffic, though nobody seems to mind, and below the bridge is a favourite spot for the recent sport of "crabbing" using mesh bags with bait to lure the crabs, at least its harmless, and neither the kids, crabs, or seagulls seem to mind the slick of marine diesel on the water of the river Esk!
We were surprised at the rich "Chocolatey" colour of the River, but there has been a lot of recent rain, perhaps that explains it, the colour as shown here is completely accurate.

We walked a little further along the northern river side and this is the view across to the permanent moorings of the Whitby lifeboat with the church at the top of the steps in view

Immediately behind me at this point is this exhibition devoted to the Dracula legend, which had part of the story written around a shipwreck in the harbour and Dracula coming ashore in the guise of a dog.
Whitby has many connections with the "goth" cult as a result of this, they even have a "Goth Weekend!"
With a rumble and a blast on a steam whistle "Old Glory" an early 20th Century Steam Charabanc hurtles past, it is running every day during the summer doing Whitby tours and it's a big attraction the Steam enthusiasts.

the final image for today is a memorial to a local skipper from long ago, Captain Scoresby, whose claim to fame is that he invented the "Crows Nest" so that he could sight the whales they were hunting more easily
I was surprised at how busy Whitby is, even this late in the season

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