Saturday, August 02, 2008

2nd August 2008 Our last full day here: And variable weather to say the least!

Thought I'd start off with last night's sunset, which was up to the usual standard for Northumberland, ie superb!
It really looked as if the sky was on fire, and it lasted for ages.
This morning started well with a sunny dawn, but rain soon started and lasted upto just before 9:00 AM.
We looked at the sky and decided that we would stay for the day as the traffic is lighter on the way home on a Sunday morning , and went for a short inland tour to pass the time.
The lighting was very variable and I took this landscape with the threatening sky with the Nikon D60, then took a 300mm telephoto shots with the S9600 bridge of a small section of the scene, a farm on the distant hillside.
We had lunch in Rothbury the came back via Alnwick stopping to take this landscape (and a few others )on the way.
The afternoon weather was a mixture of sunny periods with sudden and violent heavy showers, enough to keep us close to shelter!
Ah well our last day already, seems as if we've just arrived! the weather has been very variable, but the area remains a great one to visit, and i'm pretty sure that all being well, we will come here another year!

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vivian said...

Hi!I like the pictures very much. Have a good time !