Monday, August 18, 2008

18th August 2008: A good day despite the weather

Once again we had clear skies at night, and by dawn it was cloudy, raining, and rather windy. Still we were determined to make the best of the day and drove down to visit a National Trust property near Newquay, called Trerice.
This is an Elizabethan Manor house in pretty original condition and surrounded by it's own gardens and orchards, well worth visiting!
The house has rather ornate masonry, and a couple of rather time worn lions on the front lawn,
Fortunately by the time we arrived the weather had imroved and there was actually a weak but welcome bit of sunshine!
At the back of the main house the barn has been converted to be used as a tea room, where we had an excellent Bacon, Egg, and spinach pie with a large salad, making a very agreeable lunch, and of course inevitably a cup of tea.
In the gardens I got a rather nice shot of a brown butterly which looks pretty good considering i forgot to turn the flash on, and also I was rather taken with these flowers.

Since the weather was still quite nice when we left we drove to the coast and visited Holywell bay, finding when we arrived that it too was a National Trust property (even though it isn,t in the book) which meant that as members the parking was free, saving us £3.50
It is a fairly long walk down to the beach, but very scenic: the sea was so rough that the lifeguards had put up red flags so no surfing today, however there is a freshwater stream that runs down into the sea and this was full of kids with boats and mini boards, where they are of course perfetcly safe.
Just as we set off back the heavens opened and we got thouroughly soaked, this young couple pretty much summed up everyone's feelings about the weather!
Back at site we fiound that the already strng wind had risen even higher so I guess we can look forward to a noisy and rocky night!

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