Monday, August 25, 2008

25th Augusr 2008: Trelissick Gardens

Where to go on bank holiday Monday? working on the principle that you can expect the coast to be packed we decided to go to a Nationa Trust Property we hadn't visited before "Trelissic Gardens".
Near Falmouth and not too far away, and we arrived there bang on twelve noon, just in time for Dinner!
The restaurant there isn't cheap, but it's good and we enjoyed a very tasty lunch before entering the gardens. As we walked through the entrance there were some lovely flowers that look to my untutoured eye like orchids, and there was a splendid lawn surrounded by flower beds stretching down the hill.
There are literally miles of walks along the hillside, though the gardens are not at their best at this time of year as most of the flowers have gone to seed.
At length we reached the hilltop and the great lawn with a view out over the river and of the front of the great house.
Though the gardens were given to the National Trust the house remains the residence of the family and isn't open to the public.
During our vist there was a Dahlia exhibition given by the "Cornish Dahlia society" in the Stables and it was well visiting. I took the following two images, first of an exquisite basket of flowers, and second of a grouping lit from above under a window, they looked as it they were on fire!
Last shot of the day was of this amazing tower near the entrance. Despite appearances it is described in the brochure as a water tower!

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit, and even on the Bank holiday monday. it was pleasant and there was plenty of space and a very relaxed atmosphere.

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