Thursday, August 28, 2008

28th August Last day here and Mevagissy

The day got off to a bad start weather wise, it was raining and there was a sea fog: hardly what you would hope for in cornwall!
However we decided to make the best of it and drove to Mevagissey were though not sunny, it was a least mild and not raining!
I took a couple of shots to make this panoramic, and quite afew others around the harbour, and wondered will I ever see the place when the tide is in? no matter how often I go there it always manages to be out.
It was good to see that there were both pleasure
And fishing boats using the harbour an that is was so busy
It really is a colourful place, lots to see and photograph!
We had a good couple of hours around the harbour and snacked on a savoury pasty and one containing apple, rhubarb and custard! And very nice too!
After Mevagissy we followed the cost roads in the direction of St Mawes and rediscovered that incredibly narrow road (read narrow squeeze for a push bike never mind a car!) that drops into and out of Boswinger: Pat has marked the map "Don't go here!" with your wing mirrors in the shrubbery at either side, hairpin bends and a 1 in 4 hill (at least) it's not a good place to meet traffic coming the other way (we did) and no place for a nervous driver (we met one of those too!)

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