Wednesday, August 20, 2008

20th August 2008 We moved to Marazion

And as the field had dried up overnight, we didn't get bogged down leaving the site, a positive plus!
Naturally it had to rain at some point, so it waited till we were setting up and gave us a good dousing then, just to make us feel welcome, I suppose!
The traffic on the way down was busy, but at least there were no stoppages,and we were on site and cooking dinner for 12 noon exactly.
To our surprise the local fuel charges were about the same as at home at £1.21 per litre for diesel, so after a bit of shopping at the local morrisons supermarket we filled up the car and drove over to the other coast to Cape Cornwall, and at last we had some sunshine! the coast there is spectacularwith a rocky island out so sea, and we watched a local fisherman bringing his boat in through rougher water than I would care to tackle.
I chose one of a previous day's batch of photos to be out postcard for this holiday, I took it a couple of days ago at Holywell Bay, and it sort of captured the holiday atmosphere for me.

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