Saturday, August 16, 2008

16th August 2008: and still in the grips of bad weather

Perhaps not anywhere else, but certainly here in cornwall! we had a windy and wet night and the day ran very much along the same lines!
We did go out, in order to obtain a new gas cylinder refill for the caravan and that took us as far as Newquay before we could obtain one of the correct type and size.
The recent bad weather has rather damaged the tourist trade here, and for the first time we saw vacancy signs on some of the boarding houses: unheard of in August!
Also many of the campsites are very poorly populated, on our own meet the steward mentioned that many of their group who normally stay the full month have given up and gone home early.
Ah well, we'll give it several days in the hope of improvement!
On the way back we stopped at the Bedruthan steps so I did get at least one image to post on the blog....

We did have about twenty minutes of brighter weather after tea, and the wind does seem to have turned round a little and eased, so let's hope tommorrow is better!
Just when I thought the day was over, the sky cleared for a few minutes and these shots presented themselves!

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Anonymous said...

Don't think I can remember an August in Cornwall quite as bad as this one, and the forecast looks bleak for the rest of the week. Still, I hope you find more beauty like this. Amazing pictures!