Friday, August 15, 2008

15th August 2008: Cornwall at last

After another B Awful day on the road! We set off in fine style in bright sunshine, in theory it was going to be a breeze, 200 miles and motorway and dual carriegeway all the way...
First problem cam when we got to Cheltenham and the powers that be simply posted a notice "Road Closed" on the A4o, less than two miles to the M5.
No diversion had been arranged or signed, so we covered a total of 24 miles on traffic congested back roads before reaching the M5 in Gloucester!
Ok, a little less than an hour wasted through official incompetence, so we settled down to contine, and stopped to have lunch at the next services.
Lunch over we travelled 1.5 miles only to hit stationary traffic, which was stop start for the next twenty miles!
Another hour wasted. This time the cause was a car so throughly burned out that even the tyres were melted, one can only hope the people got out!
We continued with the usual mix of road works etc, and arrived to find the weather had changed to driveing rain and the field was to say the least somewhat soggy underfoot.
Needless to say when we rang home the weather has been perfect, and were we have a week of bad weather forecast now (changed from this m,orning!) the forecast for home is for prety near perfect weather!
I believe the expression is "Oh bother!
Anyway here we are on site!

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