Wednesday, August 27, 2008

27th August 2008:Godolphin House and Coverack

Godolphin House has only recently been acquired by the National Trust and frankly is a wreck inside at the moment, but no doubt the Trust will work their usual wonders on it given a year or two. For the moment the interior has one or two fine rooms, but the remainders are in a parlous state, it must have been a dire place to live in for the family in it's latter years!
The gardens too have gone to seed, though they are being worked on with great industry and i'm sure a trnsformation is under way.
I have always been fascinated by these giant "thistles?" and here is a picture of one.
After eating our packed lunch in the car park we drove down to Coverack on the Lizard and were very fortunate to get parked right on the harbour, an easy walk for Pat who was suffering with a knee that had decided to ache. It really is a compact harbour, and yet I had to do a three image panorama to get it all in and also of course a couple more pictures of the boats, looking out of the harbour, and back into it.

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