Tuesday, August 19, 2008

19th August 2008 Tuesday, a visit to Lanhydrock House

We had rather a noisy night with the howling of the wind, though fortunately by this morning the worst of it was over, and we were rather relieved about that.
As usual it was raining first thing, and we set off to Bodmin to visit another favourite National Trust Property, Lanhydrock House, a vast stately home with over fifty rooms to visit, so a good place to go if the weather is wet!
And another bonus, they have a super restaurant too!
As usual we timed our arrival so that we were bang on time for lunch being served and we were the first customers of the day.
As we walked down to the house we passed one of the great trees that line the drive, lying broken on the ground, it had succumbed to the wind overnight and literally been torn out of the ground.
Your first viewof the house is a diagonal one taking in the very ornate gatehouse and the private chapel on the rightYou then come to the gate house itself, a strange confection, there is an upstairs gallery with a photographic exhibition on the housa and gardens upstairs.

We had a good look round the gardens first and were fortunate that the sun shone for a short while, as it rained cats and dogs while we were going round the house.
The table in the main dining room is usually set out for a major dinner but today the table was bare as ten days ago the house was burgled and all the silverware stolen!
Naturally with the weather being so uncertain, the house has been exceptionally well attended this summer and there were many foreign visitors too, predominantly Germans.

We had a little tour down through the by roads to Lostwithiel, then again using minor roads came back over Bodmin moor,not a long journey, but slow due to the narrow roads and steep hills, it was rather enjoyable though, and it didn't rain.

On our return to the campsite we found to our surprise that the sun was shining, a rare treat these past few days!
Tomorow we are moving on to Three Ways at Marazion, a Caravan club site which has three big advantages from our point of view: mains power, proper entrances and exits that don't turn into a quagmire, and shelter from the wind.
We are hoping that it doesn't rain too much overnight, otherwise we will need the Spikes Spiders fitted to get up the slope to leave camp.
Although the view here is great, the stewards very friendly and there's a good atmosphere on site, the site is too exposed and prone to becoming very muddy and slippery at the single entrance, so if we come down here again it won't be to this site!

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