Friday, August 22, 2008

22nd August 2008 to the Lizard!

A lovely sunny morning at last so first thing, get the chores out of the way and into Penzance shopping, before hitting the road to Helston on our way to the Lizard.
We ran into traffic jams there due to road works, and we had intended to shop and look for a chemist to get some gas refills for Pat's hair tongs, but to our surprise we didn't see a single one: chemist seem in short supply there!
Delayed by farm tractors, the short journey down to the lizard took a lot longer than expected, nd we parked on the National Trust car park and ate out packed lunch sat outside on our folding chairs, very pleasant!
The short walk down to the top of the slipway yielded the photos we wanted, and as the sky clouded over and we aren't exactly quick when walking uphill, we started back to the car.
Continuing our Journey we called next at Mullion Cove and enjoyed the walk down to the harbour , which was quieter than we had expected and all the more pleasureable for that.
Passing quickly through Poldhu Cove as the car park was absolutely full, we followed the winding coast road to Gunwalloe fishing Cove and Church Cove, once more stopping in a National Trust car park before walking down to look at the beaches.
There was a real holiday atmosphere with Surfers, Kite Fliers, kids building sandcastles, it was just like old times. We sat drinking it all in for quite a while.
Eventually it was time to move and we rejoined the main road to Helston then branched off to our last visit of the day Porthleven, which is of course the most southerly port in the British Isles, and here at lasat the found a chemist that stocked the gas cartridges that Pat so deperately needed for her hair tongues: the day was saved!
After that a gentle drive took us back to camp for a welcome snooze.

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