Saturday, May 12, 2012

May 11th 2012:Beaumaris

Another wet and windy night followed by a bright, windy and cool morning, we looked over to the mainland or rather the clouds obscuring the mountains and decided on Beaumaris. Our route took us to Red Wharf Bay, always a fun drive down the narrow 1 in four hill with hairpin bends
and as we climbed out there was a better view looking across the sands to Benllech
The winding road makes for very interesting driving in this remote part of the island, you have to keep your attention on the road, eventually it brings you down to the penmon road leading to Beaumaris, where there is a view across to the mainland
Beaumaris has the oldest house on the island
And down a side street, tucked away behind this sweet shop you can just see the entrance to our favourite cafe
It was once a chapel, here is the interior
After lunch we moved across the island, taking in the views of the bridges, heres the Menai.
And the Britannia
And further over next to the sea view, this look at Caernarvon Castle
And we ended this tour at Aberffaw
The weather picked up during the day, so after tea we visited Cemaes Bay
And the shingle beach at Cemllyn
Where you could see the Atomic power station of Wylffa across the bay.
When we got back to site we were surprised that only three or four additional caravans and motorhomes had joined the site for the weekend, it remains only about half full, possibly the recent bad weather is the cause!

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