Sunday, May 20, 2012

19th May: Last day of the holiday

And it started off rather disappointingly with continuous rain and a cold wind, but off we went anyway down to Beaumaris, taking time out to drive along the cost road first
We needed a bit of shoppping and had lunch in the triple8 cafe, and spotted this quaint local custom, apparently they think Palm trees need Monkeys, even if they are stuffed ones, we had seen this in other places on the island too
they obviously dont have a big problem with petty crime here, just look at the way shops spill out their goods onto the pavement!
It was very windy and chilly so we resisted the urge to walk out onto the short pier, which had been renovated since our visit last year.
the weather had by now started to improve, so I thought it would be nice to visit the burial mound at Bryn Celi DDu, which we hadn't gone back to for over forty years! Remembering that it was a long muddy track to get there, Pat decided to wait in the car andd do a bit of crochet, and I went off on my own to found that things had changed and there was a great surface footpath there now!
Perhaps my memory is defective but I seem to remember walking right through the tomb, yet now the back entrance is partially blocked by a large stone.
at least the other entrance is still clear and you can enter if you wish
A youg couple took this photo of me against it to give you an idea of the scale
then we had a pleasant sunny afternoon wander up down the very narrow road to Rhoscolyn, a pretty bay over four mile bridge on Holy Island
A perfect spot to visit on the last day of the holiday, and the weather was perfect too!

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