Saturday, May 19, 2012

18th May: Anglesey Sea Zoo

A dull and breezy morning with a chill wind, so the Sea Zoo seemed an attractive idea We got there about 10:30, this was the colourful entrance sign
There is a very striking Stained glass window in the entrance too
The tanks in the first room take the form of open ponds
The fish and molluscs here are all from cold seas, like these wolf eels
And these well camouflaged floinders merging with the shingle bottom of the tank
In the next room ave tank set into the wall or as columns, containing some striking anemones
And a fine starfish too
Also hermit crabs
And in the next room Cuttlefish
And dogfish too
One of the attractions of the Sea Zoo is the darkened corridor decked out to give the appearance of the interior of a sunken ship, its always popular with kids of all ages, and a real challenge for photography, here the phone camera did rather well, I thought
cute Blenny lives in one of these tanks
Theres a good cafe here too, where we enjoyed Chicken korma, rice and salad
I was rather taken with this model boat mounted up near the ceiling
The weather did cheer up during the afternoon, so after tea we had a short tour around the narrow lanes above Amwllch to find the ancient church at LLangengan, there has been one on this clifftop site since about AD 400!

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