Wednesday, May 16, 2012

15th May 2012:Melin Llynon Mill

This is the last surviving Working Windmill on Anglesey, on a slight hill not far from holyhead. It has been pretty much rebuilt from a derelict state and is really worth a visit.
The building next to it is a shop and amenities block and inside the mill are storyboards telling it's history in great detail.
Heres another view of this very attractive building
Next to the mill is a pair or reconstructed stone age round houses, this is the notice outside their enclosure
A tribal carving stands as guardian at the entrance to the camp.
Among the wildflowers.
Originally the camp was "fortified" and this has been recreated, here is the entrance
Heres a panoramic of the two roundhouses, a school class was taking place inside one, the kids were having their paces painted in tribal markings!
The roundhouses were very cleverly constructed with a massive amount of overhang of the thatched roof over the wattle and daub walls to protect them from the rain and wind, and the extended entrances supported with very complex supports as here, which must have taken many years to reach such a high standard of engineering!
After tea I went for a walk round Moelfre, pretty quiet apart from the odd fisherman heading for the point!
And at the point there is a shingle beach and a few cottages
And a couple of ships anchored in the offing
And a last rather flared shot of the main beach as I walked back
In general the weather had been good, apart from a sudden and quite violent hail storm mid afternoon, and on my evening walk I could see that there was fresh snow on the tops of the highest mountains in Snowdonia, that hadn't been there the previous day.

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