Friday, May 18, 2012

17th May 2012: Church Bay, Pili Palas, Bangor Pier

When the rain cleared we headed out towards the head of the island for a look at Church Bay, it gets busy in summer, but right now we were the only people there.
when it started to rain we decided to use the fact that our tickets for Pili Palas were valid for a week, so drove down the A55 and were there in time for lunch! Here the board greeting you as you drive in.
We had Baked Potatoes with salad, Pat With cheese, mine Coronation Chicken) in the cafe, which were very good, and watched the Meerkats through the windows.
then it was time to face the tropical heat and moisture in the Butterfly Room
We were in time to see one of the butterflies emerging from its Pupa
And there were lots to photograph,
There were a couple of sculptures in the room, like this strange figure
And this realistic looking Gila monster
The weather had picked up outside so Pat fancied a walk along Bangor Pier, which is only about a third of the length of the one at Llandudno, but in better repair.
There was only one of the little businesses running in the small pavilions, and the cafe at the end of the pier, but when we visited last summer they were all doing a roaring trade, and we had a delicious "welsh Rarebit" at the third one along on the left.

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