Friday, May 11, 2012

10th May 2012: Bad weather and a visit to Pili Palas

After a night of wind and continuous rain, guess what? the day turned out the same.Never mind, we know what to do! Pili Palas is a good place to go on a wet day, warm and dry and lots to see and photograph, and a decent cafe too, also the admission charge covers you for multiple visits for a week! First thinng to look at are the butterflies,you have to take a couple of minutes to allow the cameras to demist as the room is kept at tropical temperatures and moisture levels, once this is over we can begin, starting with the pupae
They feed the butterflies on fruit, this one seemes to particularly like this slice of orange and ket coming back for more.
It was easy to get close ups even with the phone, heres one that landed on a rail
There are lots of plants for them to land and feed on too.
Not all were brightly coloured
This one was very striking
heres another black and white one on a rock
There are other attractions like the lizard house
And insects too, here is one pretending to be a leaf
It's a great place to visit on a wet day, and you don't need a fancy camera, these images were taken with the Samsung Phone camera.

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