Saturday, July 05, 2008

Saturday 5th July What incredible weather!

Today was as they say, a washout! We woke to bright sunshine, but it wasn't long before a sea fret set in and it rained solidly for several hours: we did get out as far as a supermarket, but came back immediately and spent the afternoon listening to the rain drumming on the roof and watched it streaming down the windows.
Shortly after tea it seemed to be getting brighter and there was actually a glimpse of blue sky, so we were tempted out for a ride around Whitby. For a while the weather seemed to improve and there were actually gaps in the fog, as these two images show, but then there was a short but very sharp thunderstorm as we waited at Egton Bridge for a steam train top pass the crossing.
We then encountered extremely heavy rain and incredibly a heavy shower of large hailstones at the same time. What with the roads awash, thunder and lightning , hailstones, rain and coastal fog all at the same time you could reasonably describe the weather as "Changeable"

and finally this image is of yesterday's sunset, simply because I liked it!

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