Wednesday, July 30, 2008

30th July 2008: Sunshine, St Abbs, Dunbar, North Berwick: quite a day!

For the first time this holiday we woke to sunshine, and all thoughts of an early return home went out of the window!
We were away early up the A1 to the Scottish Border, and along the coast road to St Abbs for a cuppa in the upper car park before walking round the wonderful harbour.
Space prohibits showing more than a couple of shots here,hopefully they will capture some of the feel of this wonderful place.
Continuing our journey north we dropped into Dunbar with its busy harbour once a major herring fishing port, less widely known as a major exporter of potatoes!
On again and a 300 mm tele shot of the Bass rock with the millions of seabirds making it look as if it is painted white. The amazing resolving power of the Fuji bridge cameras lens picks out even single birds at this extreme distance. amazing!
Into north Berwick itself where we were lucky enough to get parked overlooking the beach and ate our packed lunch.
Soon it was time to make the journey back, but not without dropping down the 1 in 4 hill with hairpin beds into Burnmouth, the last little fishing village before the English border, where a single row of houses under the cliffs and the harbour are very attractive indeed!
It was an extremely enjoyable day out after we had been disappointed so often by the constant fog or previous days: a very welcome change!

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