Thursday, July 31, 2008

31st July 2008 All the way to Whitley Bay

We woke to find a bright and vaguely sunny morning, but the fog was starting to creep back in.
This time we decided to have a drive south and popped into Boulmer first for a cuppa and photographed the single fishermn digging bait on the deserted beach, before heading down to Alnmouth, stopping just before the village to photograph the ox bow bends in the river after a brief drive round Anmouth we continued following the coastal drive to Newbiggin where we had a short walk round. the sea front looks OK and there are two sculptures on a framework on the rocks in the bay, of a local man and woman three times life size: very different!
We carried on through Blyth and into Whitley Bay, which was very quiet at the Norther end (as usual) but surprisingly it was packed at the southern end. I wonder why?
We found a free parking area to eat our packed lunch before coming home along the A1 for an afternoon nap.
Conditions for photography were far from ideal, consequently I only took just over a dozen in total on both cameras.
We got back just in time before the rain started, so it's time for a nap and hope for better weather!

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