Friday, July 18, 2008

18th July 2008:Off on our travels again: Crimdon near Hartlepool

Setting off in rain is getting to be the standard way we go on holiday these days, but at least after an easy run North we arrived for once in dry weather,and were actually five minutes earlier than the site officially opens.
And we were impressed, from our caravan we have a lovely view down a hill to the beach and sea. Though the site is sloping this didn't cause us any problems, so we had a lazy afternoon and after tea we went for a drive to the north as far a Souter lighthouse.

It's a long time since I visited this section of the coast and I was surprised at the variety of views that we passed through. Many of the communities on the coastal road were once mining towns (remember when we had a mining industry?) and they still retain a unique character because of that.
The cliffs here are on a smaller scale than the ones in Yorkshire, but they do have a wide variety of wildflowers and birds, and range from pebbles to sandy beaches.
When we reached Souter lighthouse it was after closing time so we had to content ourselves with a short walk along the cliff top and were rewarded with views of a sea stack that was literally crowded with Cormorants: this was the first time i have ever seen so many in one place!

The lighthouse itself looked very interesting and we will certainly be visiting it during our week long stay.

Next to the lighthouse the cliffs were higher at about 60 feet, and alive with wild birds, and there are plenty of ships coming in and out of the River Tyne.

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