Friday, July 04, 2008

4th July Castleton for lunch and Whitby after tea

Note: all the inland shots were taken on the Fuji S9600, I wanted to use the big range of the zoom to get some interesting landscapes!

We got off early and took the steep hill down into Littlebeck, where I stopped in the church Hall car park and took this shot looking down into the village, then we make our way inland via Egton Bridge and Fryup Dale where I took the next four shots: it really is a super area, but you really need to have a super Zoom lens as the scale of the scenery is so vast that it's hard to do it justice in any other way.
We had the usual super "Pensioner's Special" Friday meal and took a leisurely drive back to camp for an afternoon rest, but before we did we called in at the National Trust visitor centre at Ravenscar, and enjoyed the displays, that documented the history of the area.
Apparently when Henry the eighth fell out with the Pope over his wanting a divorce, the Pope cut off the supply of Alum to this country.
Alum is required for fixing dyes and softening leather, so it was sadly missed by a court that revelled in brightly coloured clothes, and finding a local source gave rise the Englands first ever chemical industry.
There was also a scenic railway that ran along the coast as far as Redcar, (I remember going on trips along it in the early 1960's) but erosion and cliff falls put paid to it some time back!
After tea we went into Whitby and this time I took the Nikon as the short zoom wasn't going to be a disadvantage.
It was one of those rare days where you could walk out to the end of the piers without either being frozen, blown away, or drowned by heavy seas, so we walked out to the very end and took plenty of photo's
Since it was high tide the swing bridge on the main road through Whitby was busy stopping the traffic so that boats could come and go, so a couple more shots were in order.
It had been another great day!

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