Thursday, July 03, 2008

3rd July 2008 Robin hoods Bay!

Though the forecast was for rain we were pleased to find the morning sunny, so a visit to Robin Hood's Bay was decided on. Despite it being very early in the season we were surprised how many people were walking down the steep steps and slope down to the slipway at the bottom. There are so many nooks and crannies here that it's hard to know what to leave out, so here are just a few shots.
Right at the bottom of the hill is the "Bay Hotel" which is famous as the end of the coast to coast walk, it has a commemorative plaque on the wall, and the "Wainwright Bar" in memory of the famous guide book author who created the idea of the walk.
AS we walked down the slipway the tide was low and people were already spreading out along the beach and rock pools.
Robin Hood's Bay has two roads, the right hand one leads down to the slipway, and the left hand one climbs back into the town, ending among the upper streets. It was on this one that I spotted this photographer working with a technical film camera using camera movements to correct the perspective of the buildings.
Later in the day I walked up to the television mast on the hill above the campsite and captured this flower which Pat assures me is some sort of Orchid?
All told it was a pretty good day, it had been forecast as being a rainy one, but the rain when it came was just a few spits and spots!

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