Tuesday, July 01, 2008

1st July 2008: A great day for a Scooter ride!

Such a nice day that a ride on the scooter seemed just the ticket! so off I went through the back roads, seeking nice landscape views..
The first thing that caught my eye was at Goodmanham, where a veritable sea of poppies covered the hillside and the plain below.
I popped into the log cabin cafe at the bottom of fimber hill for a lunch of cornish pasty, a cup of tea and a portion of their utterly delicious curd cheesecake, before riding into Sledmere village where I photographed the imitation Eleanor Cross (a very fine fake which was converted into a war memorial after 1919) and also the waggoner's memorial, and a close up of one of the many panels on it.
Leaving the village I rode up the hill to take two shots on the tall memorial to Sir Tatton Sykes, which I combined together using Autostitch.
Looking up I was taken by the dramatic sky and perspective.
And then home, after a very pleasant ride.

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