Sunday, July 27, 2008

27th July 2008 The Sea fret still rules!

Yet amazingly only a mile inland the sun shone all day: however there was a mist everywhere which rather ruined any chance of decent landscape photographs. The temperature was fine 18 to 22 centigrade, and there was no wind, so we had a tour around inland using all the back roads till it was time for Sunday lunch at the Oxford Farm Shop.
We were lucky as there were only two spaces not previously reserved.
Feeling rather full we went on to shop at the Morrisons at the exit from Beerwick north bound on the A1 and it was rather busy.
We had thought to visit Lindisfarne but it rapidly became obvious that the coast was fog bound and it wasn't worth going, so we took a leisurely drive back to camp, where we had a lazy afternoon and a light tea before sallying forth again.
We looked in at Beadnell but it was still fog bound, so down to Craster next, it was too!
This first shot is to give an impression of one of the better areas!
Ah well, returning to camp we decided to go the extra couple of miles into Seahouses and found to our surprise that it was clear and sunny there (at least as far as the end of the harbour!)
So naturally we had a good walk round, and Pat sat for a while looking at the harbour, while I brought the car down to pick her up (knee playing up again!)
It was a mixed sort of day in that we enjoyed out time inland, but felt thwarted by the fog on the coast and in the distance inland making photography either difficult or not worth while.
Never mind, we'll give it a couple more days and if it doesn't improve either move on or go home.

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