Wednesday, July 02, 2008

2nd July 2008:Ravenscar for a few days

With the weather forecast for the south not being exactly favourable, we decided to have four nights at a fairly local campsite (60 miles) at Ravenscar, in North Yorkshire. We found a very pleasant site called Smuggler's Rock House just before the road turns sharply towards Ravenscar itself.
On the corner opposite there is an old abandoned mill, and a view down the road of the coast as far as Flamborough Head
The forecast was for a dry sunny morning with rain in the afternoon, so we arrived around lunch time and got set up early just in
The rain did duly arrive at 5pm and lasted for just a few minuts, so once it had cleared we went for our usual evening short ride, first up the hill to look down on Robin Hood's Bay in the distance, and then into Scarborough, where we parked and walked along the harbour, I took some shots and we only ventured as far as the pier car park where I took a shot of a rowing boat being launched before we crossed to the Harbour Bar Cafe for an ice cream.
The place hardly changes, some of the illuminated signs were there when we were teenagers in the the 1960's!

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