Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday 29th July Day out over the border

A nice bright morning, so of to Morrisons for some money from the cash machine, shopping and to fill up with diesel, then just mile or so north and up the hill on the Conundrum signed road, and into the car park at the viewpoint where we had a cuppa and I took a series of photos, to make a panorama of the view down onto Berwick on Tweed.

This done north again turning off from the A1 down towards St Abbs and along the rather more scenic coast road, rejoining the A1 near the Torness Nuclear Power Staition before heading down into Dunbar.
The harbour here is delightful and very photogenic, it was once a centre of the herring fishing industry, now something of a backwater, though at least a couple of fishing boats still operate from here going out for mainly crabs and lobsters.

We had our lunch at a country park just on the northern outskirts of Dunbar where they served a surprisingly good baked potato filled with Coronation chicken and a side salad for £4:50.
We then headed up to North Berwick and after a quick look round (always difficult to park here!) I stopped by the side of the south bound road to photograph the Bass rock and it's million Bird population.

By now it was mid afternoon so back to the van, where Pat had a rest and I went down into Spittal for a walk along the long deserted promenade.
There is a great miles long beach and promenade here, (Though no shops to speak of!) apparently the place was a herring port, and when this went into decline it became a tourist destination . and was thronged with visitors during Victorian times, as it had a Spa, and the railway came here, but once the railway disappeared in 1968 the place dwindled away into obscurity...
Now just a handful of people walk the beach , though it seems to have become a popular place to retire to.
We have been very good today, cutting down on our usual holiday gluttony, but then the Fortes Ice cream van came on site playing his familiar jingle, and the temptation of a Nougat Wafer ice cream overcame my ability to resist...(Pat's too, I might add in self defence)

I can resist anything except temptation!

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