Friday, July 24, 2009

Wednesday 22nd July a day on the coast

It was raining heavily on camp so we gambled that the weather would be better on the coast, and this turned out to be correct. We visited Maryport first, but the wind on the harbour was so strong that we didnt stay very long, driving along the coast road to Silloth

where it was a little less blustry and we found a very good (though not much to look at) cafe called "The Blue Dolphin" it's on the main street, and for £4:25 each we had a excellent meal of scampi, chips, baked beans and salad, really tasty!
While on the coast we were if fitful bursts of sunshine, though we could see that the clouds were still covering the mountains, and as expected we ran into heavy rain on the way back to camp.
We met Keith Chambers, prked by the side of the road sketching the shore of Derwetwater and invited him back to the caravan for a couple of hours chat and a cuppa.

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