Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday July 21, 2009 Wet,wet,wet!

The day started off dull, so we set off with the intention of driving down to Tarn Howes, but by the time we had negotiated Keswick the rain came down, and it remained with us all day, even now at 6 pm it is drumming on the roof of the caravan.

We got as far as Kendal, then doubled back to Windermere to have lunch in the Booths supermarket there, chicken in white wine, as usual it was very nice, then back to camp for an afternoon reading and snoozing and on the net.

The weather was so bad that for once I didn't take a single picture, so an Autostitch composite from my evening walk yesterday is all you're getting today!
This is the path from the lakeside past our campsite, it connects to the road to Grange.

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