Tuesday, July 28, 2009

28th July Pat's 66th Birthday

We started by driving down to Seahouses and having a good look around the Farne Gift shop filled asusual with everything imaginable under the sun.
Among our baragains were lens wipes, fruit and nut mix, air fresheners, and terminal strips, wine gums, and I forget what else!
As usual we popped into the RNLI shop and noticed that the rescue boat was missing, when we bought a couple of second hand paperbacks (as we usually do) we asked where it was and were told on the ramp from the beach, as they have dug up the harbour roadway, and sure enough, there it was sticked hitched the the tractor that can actually submerge when launching and recoving the "Grace Darling" lifeboat

We then walked round the harbour and chuckled at the crowds waiting for the boats out to the Farne Islands, I was astonished as there were far more people there than I have seen in over thirty years.

Sad to say Northumberland is at last enjoying the popularity it deserves (though we preferred it when very few people had heard of the place, never mind visited it!)
Among the people waiting for boats were a group of would be "Pro Photographers", armed with immense tripods and thousands of pounds worth of cameras housed in fancy back packs.
One wonders why a young man needs a Tripod on a sunny day?
With modern cameras I suspect it's more about showing off than getting better photos, and if they have ever been to the Farne Islands before and tried to shoot the Puffins etc., how many weeks are they prepared to wait till one obligingly passes in front of camera on a tripod? (The boats trips only leave them on the islands for two hours maximum!)
Once again the blurb in a glossy magazine suggesting that a tripod will give that "Razor sharp" image has led the gullible astray, and caused them un-necessary expense.
Surprisingly there was one of the boats up on the harbour, not usual at this time of year, when there's more money to be made.

If you pass through here as I used to in the winter, they would all be out of the water like this being careened and painted
We then headed for the Oxford Farm shop and dinner, discovering on the way that it was later than expected as my watch had given up the ghost at ten past eleven.Fortunately I had a spare watch in the glove compartment of the car.
Dinner was great, we had the two courses for £6 special, our choice was Savoury mince with dumplings, carrots, runner beans, peas and boiled potatoes,
Here is Pat enjoying her lunch

And the disgraceful meringues and ce cream!

followed by the Oxford Farm shop famed Meringues and ice cream with Strawbery coulis..
You get two scoops of ice cream and two large meringues, don't order this if you ain't hungry!
The afternoon was definitely not one for rushing about after that, we had a brief walk along the shore and I spotted an old favouriter moth, the 9 spot Burnett, which i thought had all but disappeared hereabouts

so after this nrief walk and visiting Marshalls Caravan acessories for a spare seat for the toilet , and Pat bought some new trainers, we came back to camp for a snooze.
The weather today has been pretty good, more sunshine than cloud, and just the odd brief shower during the day.

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