Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday 25th July, Nice weather and a very good run

What a pleasant change to wake to bright sunshine! We were off early and called first at Castlerig stone circle wher a camera class was being held by a "professional" who was telling eager ears that as it is impossible to get all the circle in it was necessary to either park your tripod well away and crop the iamge to a strip, or try to get the beat possible angle with the field of view your lens would provide.
I took my usual five shots and smiled, one again Autostitch will come to the rescue!

Interestingly the "pro" wasn't using a Digital camera, he had a 5 by 4 technical camera on his tripod, obviously a film buff!
Our next port of call was "Granny Nelson's Gingerbread shop" in Grasmere village for a final pack of our favourite gingerbread, before driving into langdale, stopping by the side of the road for a cuppa, before going on to Blea Tarn and another opportunity to do a panoramic photo.

After that of course no visit to the Lake District is complete without
driving over Wrynose and Hardknot pass before stopping at the next village to pick up a sanwich and some flapjack for lunch, which we ate partway acroos the moorland road to duddon bridge.
We then doubled back to camp via coniston and Ambleside arriveing back mid afternoon for a welcome rest.

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