Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday July 26th Last day in the Lakes

After yesterdays sunshine the rain was far from welcome!
We had a shower then drove to Workington to shop , but couldn't find a supermarket, so continued to Whitehaven and shopped at the Tesco on the seafront, enjoying an all day breakfast for lunch, and filling up with diesel before returning to camp.
It was still raining, but after an hour or so this stopped, so I walked down into Grange to take some photo's, but I couldn't get quite the view I wanted as some saplings have grown up in front of the stone bridge obstructing what was a fine view, added to that there is now a fence on the slope opposite that prevents you getting higher up the slope to look down over the offending tree!

I hadn't been back long before Keith Chambers turned up for a chat and brought some delicious chocolate coated gingerbread biscuits with him....
Like us he is leaving the area tomorrow, in his case going home rather than moving on.
He is hoping to get another walk in this evening if it stays dry.

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