Friday, July 17, 2009

At last he's blogging again!

After a rather hairy early few months to the year where I had a
PSA (prostate cancer blood test) test that was high ,leading to a biopsy later in March, that caused a massive infection (next day) whch meant a fifteen day stay in hospital .

At the time I went for the biopsy i was told that ony one in 15,000 people suffer any serious infection, so I assume I was lucky to get it!

It was serious, happily I was fortunate to survive, and had just recovered when I was advised that I have Prostate Cancer, and they wanted to remove the offending bit of plumbing.
I then went for a bone scan and an MRI scan and the the story changed.

I was then told not to worry we can't see the tumour on the MRI scan, just take these hormone tablets, they will shrink it, give you a CT scan followed by a course of Radiation treatment.
By the way the bad news is that the Hormone treatment will make you Impotent.

(I thought the Doctor meant important so bought a top hat so I could look the part.)

The hormone treatment isto be followed in October by a course of Radio therapy. This will be for 37 days every week day (but I will get weekends off)

The doctor had a sense of humour and said that on the way out they would give me a Chiffon dress (my choice of colour) and high heels .

I remembered the character in "it 'aint half hot mum" and decided that if the tablets and injections were as powerful as they said I would change my name to Gloria!

The plan is that in September I have a CT scan then go for radiation treatment, which hopefully will get rid of the problem...

In the meantime i just have to go for a monthly injection of female hormones.

Anyway these small irritations apart it means that we can get away, between appointments, and here we are in the lake district, taking in the scenery and enjoying the weather.

It has made a big effort (in the usual way) and for the last twenty hours the rain hasn't stopped!

We got here yeaterday and at least had a fine first evening though today was not so hot, the streams are really swollen with the rains!

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