Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday 31st July: Llamemuir hills

Since today the forecast is pretty good, but rain is on the cards for tomorrow we decided to have an inland tour and see some scenery, off we went into the Lamemuir hills.
The scenery was good, but hard to get a good photo as the scale of the landscape is huge and on camera it just looks like a series of distant humps, however I got this one.

A Little further along the road there was a view of the coast, so i took half a dozen images to string into a panorama.

We doubled back to Berwick and shopped at Morrisons then had our lunch at the Oxford FArm Shop, after which we were so full a rest seemed to be a good Idea, so back to the caravan for a snooze!

later I went down to the estuary and took this shot looking over at Berwick across the river.

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